Alex Boyé Booed Off Stage, He Reveals in New Facebook Post

Alex Boyé Booed Off Stage, He Reveals in New Facebook Post

In a deeply personal post on his official Facebook page, LDS musician Alex Boyé revealed the details behind his abrupt departure from the X Factor in England, as well as the struggles he faced earlier this year on America’s Got Talent.

Boyé’s journey on America’s Got Talent this past summer came to an end during the fourth week of Judge’s Cuts. It was a shock to LDS audiences, who were excited by Boyé’s original audition, a rousing cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Months later, Boyé was determined not to give up his dream and traveled to the UK to try out for Simon Cowell’s hit TV program the X Factor. He seemed to be doing well on the show and then suddenly he was gone. Fans were left wondering what happened.


Today, Boyé revealed he was “booed off the stage so severely by 5,000 people at Wembley Arena in London” that it shook him to the core. Boyé discussed how he then prayed with “ALL MY HEART” that the performance and his exit off the show would be not televised. When it was never aired and no mention of his departure was made, Boyé’s prayers were answered and his faith pulled him through. He said it “softened the blow in ways I cannot really explain.”

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. Boyé was willing to share the story as a message of hope to others who may be facing major struggles as they pursue their dreams; Boyé lets everyone know at the end of the post that he was just offered his own show in Las Vegas. He also just finished filming for the new Saturday’s Warrior film, where he was cast as the heavenly guide.

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