Friday, June 24, 2022
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Alex Boyé Cut from America's Got Talent

Alex Boyé Cut from America’s Got Talent

Alex Boyé excited LDS audiences with a rousing audition on NBC’s America’s Got Talent in June. However, Boyé’s journey has come to end as he was cut last night during the fourth week of Judge’s Cuts.

Boyé and his band performed Uptown Funk to mixed reviews from the judges. You can watch the entire performance below.

After the performance, Boyé waited backstage and reflected.

“I’m just going crazy right now, I need this so badly. I mean, it’s just, I’m just aching right now for it.”

Follow the elimination, Boyé told the cameras, “It’s like heartbreaking, ’cause you just think you’re so close, you know what I mean?”

Boyé is taking the loss in stride and looking ahead. On his Facebook page, Boyé left this message for fans:


Well, BoyeTribers!! My amazing time on AGT has come to an end, but I’m excited to announce that where one door just closed, a BIGGER ONE JUST OPENED!! I can’t talk about it right now, but all will be revealed within the next 4 weeks!!

I want to wish all the best to all the remaining contestants on AGT! To say that It has been a life changing journey is an understatement!!! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE SHOWN ME SO MUCH LOVE & SUPPORT! My life is truly blessed because of you. MORE TO COME!!! Oshe’ (Thankyou)

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