Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Alex Boye Dedicates New Music Video to Missionaries Injured in Brussels

Alex Boye Dedicates New Music Video to Missionaries Injured in Brussels

Popular LDS musician Alex Boyé has released a powerful new cover as a tribute to LDS missionaries, and especially to those four missionaries injured in the terrorist attacks in Brussels last week.

The song, Something Inside So Strong, was originally written and recorded in 1987 by Labi Siffre. Siffre was inspired by a television documentary in which black civilians were shot in the street by white soldiers in South Africa. On his Facebook page, Boyé wrote about the video:

Have you ever been ridiculed, isolated and shunned for your beliefs? Ever felt like you stand alone in just trying to do what’s good? That’s where the inspiration from this song originally came from, but after hearing the news of the attacks in Brussels, I felt really compelled to use this video as a tribute to the deceased and those injured, including our 4 missionaries caught in the blast.

Boyé also invited missionaries past and future to share in the comments of his Facebook post which missions they served in and a brief testimony. You can add your comments here.


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