Alex Boye Nails it on America’s Got Talent

Alex Boye, a well-known as a singer and performer throughout the LDS community, took his talents to a national stage on Tuesday night in America’s Got Talent. Known for his various Africanized renditions of Let It Go, Uptown Funk, and Pharrels’s Happy, Alex Boye performed the popular Taylor Swift song, Shake It Off.

From the first few seconds of the video, I thought he was going to get mixed reactions from the audience. For some reason they seemed to get a chuckle that he moved to U.S. 15 years ago. But before I knew it, the crowd was on their feet cheering him on. Howie Mandel was also a little skeptical that he made “online music” for a living. Howie clearly wasn’t familiar with Alex Boye’s long-standing success in the music industry.

I thought he did pretty awesome, not to mention the impressive exit from the stage. By the end of the act, Howie Mandel was sold on Alex, calling the act they best they had ever seen. Plus, he got four yes votes to move on to the next round. Way to go, Alex. You made us proud!



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