Alex Boye Releases Tribal Version of Little Drummer Boy

For the 12 Days of Social, a special celebration of music and creation from famous LDS YouTube stars, Alex Boye has created an African Tribal version of the popular Christmas song the Little Drummer Boy.

Boye also shared some thoughts on what he has been feeling this Christmas. He said in the video’s official description:

“I get excited for Christmas. It’s a great time to reconnect with family & friends. This year however, I have been thinking more about those who are not looking forward to christmas., because of family problems, poverty, homelessness. This year, let’s think outside ourselves and our friends and family and help those we do or don’t know, who are struggling in some way offer some service. it doesn’t always have to be money. One of my best christmases was when i went to a homeless shelter and cut hair for anybody who wanted it. i was there from 9pm til about 3am. My wrist was in pain for the next week, but, that experience was memorable! you forget about all your worries when you are focused on others.”

Watch the full video above and learn more about the 12 Days of Social. For a limited time, you can download the song for free here.

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