Alex Boyé Shares Powerful Message About Children With Disabilities in New Music Video

Alex Boyé Shares Powerful Message About Special Needs in Jungle Book Music Video

Alex Boyé joined with Camp Kostopulos (Camp K) to create a new music video and help eliminate the stigma surrounding people with disabilities.

“This is a video of inclusion and not exclusion, can versus can’t,” the video description says. “We wanted to show this wonderful group of kids with disabilities a great time, treat them like rockstars and have them leave with a memory they will never forget!”

The song is a Jungle Book mashup, which coincides nicely with the release of the new Disney movie this week. However, the best part of this project is the way you can give back. Not only can you share the video on social media, but you can also download the song. You can download it for free, but you can also donate money by “naming the price” and buying the track for at whatever amount you wish. Click here to get it!  You can also click here to get Alex’s brand new CD of gospel music.

You can watch the entire video below.


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