BYU Noteworthy's Beautiful Cover of "I Can Only Imagine"

BYU Noteworthy’s Beautiful Cover of “I Can Only Imagine”

BYU Noteworthy, the premiere all-female acapella group at Brigham Young University, released a new music video for their cover of “I Can Only Imagine.”


The song was originally written by Bart Millard is beloved amongst multiple Christian faiths for its important and tender message. The group is directed by Amy Whitcomb and the 2018-2019 group consists of Meg Ackerman, Allie Gardner, Ellie Hughes, Cami Jones, Amy Geis-Lorsch, Lizzy Newbold, Maryn Smyth, Anna Slezak, and Kacey Sorenson. Watch more videos from Noteworthy on their official YouTube channel.


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