Creative Video Features Beautiful Tape-Transfer Scripture Sticker Technique

This past Friday, artist Heidi Hillman featured a new video showcasing her inspiring and beautiful tape-transfer art! This fun and simple DIY activity allows you to transfer your favorite images within the Come, Follow Me manual or any publication with images, to your scriptures to make your set of scriptures uniquely yours. Heidi writes concerning the video:

“Tape transfers are one of my all-time favorite journaling techniques. It’s such a great way to add art to your journal/scriptures even if you feel like you have zero artistic ability.” She then went on to say, “This is my art journal version of the scriptures. I have another copy that I read/study from. So it doesn’t bother me to cover up some of the words, this is my way of highlighting verses that are meaningful to me.”

Heidi is the founder of A Lively Hope, a website and community that strives to help others find joy in Christ through creativity and scripture study.

The video features the 2020 Come, Follow Me Manual, and The Book of Mormon Journal Edition in Red Floral. Click here and here to purchase your own on LDS Bookstore!

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