Did You Catch the Mormon Moments in Grease: Live?

Did You Catch the Mormon Moments in Grease: Live?

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Most people familiar with LDS culture will have noticed some a couple of Mormon moments in Fox’s hit live broadcast of Grease last night.

In the film, Sandy Olsson is from Australia. In the live broadcast, Sandy Young is from Salt Lake City, Utah, which matches Julianne Hough’s real-life history. The actress, singer, and dancer grew up in Orem, Utah and while she no longer identifies with the LDS Church, members of her family still attend.

While it is never stated implicitly that the character is Mormon, the cast hints at the large population of members in the Church. Aside from the name Young, a clear reference to Brigham Young  and the location change, when Sandy arrives in the school the dialogue includes this scene:

Rizzo, played by Vanessa Hudgens, says, “Salt Lake huh? That means you’re one of those…”

Before she has the change to finish Sandy answers, “Skiers?”

Others took notice as well, commenting on different social media platforms.

We couldn’t also help but notice Sandy seemed to be enjoying her jello. Regardless, it was interesting to see Church culture in such a large production. Did you watch the broadcast last night? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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