Different Types of Mormon Missionaries as Described by Pokémon

Different Types of Mormon Missionaries as Described by Pokémon

Who knew Pokémon and LDS missionaries had so much in common? In honor of the release of Pokémon Go, here are different types of LDS missionaries and their Pokémon counterparts. This is an especially great list to connect youth with missionary work.

Pikachu – The Greenie

Pikachu is a mouse shaped created that stores electricity in its bright red cheeks. It is the perfect representation of a brand new missionary, full of energy and excitement. New missionaries are ready to tackle the world and find success. While this spark can breathe new life into an area, it can also lead to emotionally-charged experiences.

Alakazam – The Trainer

When a new missionary meets their trainer, they often see someone seasoned, wise, and able to do and say astounding things. Alakazam is the perfect Pokémon to represent a trainer. It is a humanoid creature that is known for exceedingly high IQ and psychic abilities. Just like Alakazam, trainers need to be humble and teachable in spite of their leadership position; an Alakazam has an ever-growing brain and loves to soak in knowledge.

Snorlax – The Trunky Missionary

Snorlax and the trunky missionary have a lot in common. The trunky missionary is one who is just ready to go home. Exhausted, this missionary has a hard time focusing on the work and may have a hard time getting going. Snorlax is a huge, bear-like Pokémon known for waking up only to eat and sleeping in the most inconvenient places. However, Snorlax’s are kind and can be motivated, if you know how to do it!

Eevee – The Adaptable Missionary

An Eevee looks similar to a small fox and can evolve into eight different Pokémon. They are an extremely popular Pokémon, just as mission leaders love adaptable missionaries! Adaptable missionaries are ready for any situation and approach new challenges without fear. These types of missionaries often go through many companions and can be found opening up or doubling-in new areas.




Magikarp/Gyarados – The Underestimated Missionary


Oh Magikarp. This fish Pokémon is detested by many; it only knows one move and is considered useless. However, once it evolves into Gyarados, it becomes a force to be reckoned with! There are a lot of missionaries who are underestimated. Maybe they have different teaching styles or have an unusual personality. They may not seem like much, but they can be powerful and effective teachers when you believe in them.

Chansey – The Mission Mom

Every sister missionary can name that one other sister missionary who took care of everyone. Her personality was warm and bright. She was fiercely protective of those around her and loves to nurture others. In the Pokémon world, Chanseys are the ultimate caregivers. An egg-shaped Pokémon, they are said to bring good-luck and happiness to anyone who catches it. They are the favorite Pokémon of nurses and doctors.

Farfetch’d – The Missionary Who Loves Deep Doctrine

Farfetch’d is a quirky, duck-like Pokémon. They’re a great representation of that missionary who loves to discuss deep doctrine. Whether they’re talking about Kolob or finding nuances in every scripture they read, they love to share their ideas with others. It may seem exasperating at times, but you’d be surprised at what you can learn if you work through it together.

Doduo – The Eternal Companions

Some companions are together for a single transfer…and other companionships last forever! If you’ve been in a companionship that has lasted for multiple transfers, you’ve probably felt like a Doduo. Doduo is a bird-like Pokémon that has two heads. The two heads work together to do everything. They are thought to have identical brains. After teaching together for a long time, long-time companions may find themselves finishing each other’s sentences.

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