Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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GENTRI, Madilyn Paige Sing Medley of "Say Something" and "Angel" to Help Stop Child Sex Slavery

GENTRI, Madilyn Paige Sing Medley of “Say Something” and “Angel” to Help Stop Child Sex Slavery

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) is a powerful movement founded by LDS member Tim Ballard dedicated to ending the global child sex slave trade. For over a year, LDS members, musicians, and more have been trying to get the word out about this momentous problem. Now, GENTRI and Madilyn Paige, two LDS music acts, are adding their voices to the cause.

Friday, they released a haunting cover of “Say Something”, originally performed by A Great Big World. The music video is interspersed with scenes from Ballard’s official documentary about OUR, The Abolitionists.



GENTRI wrote: In the darkest corners of the earth nearly 2,000,000 children are bought and sold as property. Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) has chosen to “say something” and give a voice to the innocent children who suffer in silence and can’t speak up for themselves. They are the “angels” who face the horrors of this reality head on, and who have successfully “pulled” over 600 children (and counting) from “the wreckage” that is the global child sex slave trade. Together with our good friend Madilyn Paige we stand united in challenging you to join us in support of an organization whose mission is to liberate those who have had their freedom unjustly compromised.

Please SHARE this video to help raise awareness of OUR’s efforts to save and liberate children all around the world, and consider donating to help support their global rescue efforts.

You can learn more about GENTRI’s latest album here. Madilyn Paige also has an EP out here.

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