Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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GENTRI Releases "Lullaby" Music Video for Father's Day

GENTRI Releases “Lullaby” Music Video for Father’s Day

Hit LDS music trio GENTRI has released a heart-warming music video for Father’s Day. The song, “Lullaby”, is from their first EP. The video features Zack and Afton Wilson performing a beautiful dance.


The video description reads: The character of a man can be measured in many ways, but perhaps none more powerfully reflect his true strength than the level of tenderness with which he watches over, handles, and cares for his own child.

This weekend we’re honoring the men who taught us by their own examples to lead confidently, love tenderly and work hard every day. Thank you, Dad.

Love GENTRI? Get their first full-length album here.


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