Friday, June 24, 2022
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Get Seats for a Sneak Peek Screening of The Cokeville Miracle!

Get Seats for a Sneak Peek Screening of The Cokeville Miracle!

Have you heard of The Cokeville Miracle, the highly-anticipated film from LDS-filmmaker T.C. Christensen?

If not, now is your chance to experience the power of miracles with a story about an entire school that survived a hostage bombing. By signing up at this site, you can attend a sneak peek screening of the film before it goes to theaters June 5. The best part? You get the tickets for 50% off the usual price. Here’s a list of the dates and places:

  • May 6th – Salt Lake City, Century 16
  • May 7th – Geneva Megaplex (Orem)
  • May 13th – Junction Megaplex (Ogden)
  • May 14th – University 6 (Logan)
  • May 20th – Pineview Stadium (St. George)

While the screenings are limited to Utah, the filmmakers are hard at work to get the film in as many theaters across the U.S. as possible. However, if you want to see the film in your town, you need to show the filmmakers their is enough interest so they can convince the theaters to carry it! You can visit the film’s official Facebook page to make your interest known or create at Tugg event. Tugg events allow you to host a screening and if enough people sign up to attend, the film comes to you.

Want to read our exclusive review and watch the film’s trailer? Click here! 

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