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Help Catholic Dad See a Mormon Film!

Help Catholic Dad See a Mormon Film!

Clare is the only non-member producer of the recent movie Once I Was a Beehive, which is becoming the highest rated LDS film in over a decade. Below is an excerpt of her original blog post. 

An open letter to the Mormon movie-goers of Utah:

(Disclaimer: I am not Mormon. You may label me as an east-coast Catholic girl, a non-member, an investigator, or even a sinner. In the fog of my college days, I met a fair-haired, blue-eyed guy who denied splitting a bottle of wine with me and took me out for ice-cream instead, because he was a member of the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,” to which I replied, “Never heard of it.” This week marked our 5 year wedding anniversary. He is still a very devout Mormon. I’m still drinking that wine (not currently), but I do attend church with him sporadically (still afraid of Relief Society), I spend my holidays in Provo, UT and sometimes I have to wash my husband’s garments, so consider me a “Mormon enthusiast.”)

Having married into the Mormon culture, I started to understand the GAP between perception of Mormons and the reality.

My pretty-yet-näive friend Carly once asked, “So…like I know Mormons can’t drink before they are married…but what about after they get married?” and “Are Mormons allowed to have sex on Sundays?” The point is, the “Carlys” out there could watch this film from beginning to end and not only ‘get’ everything that’s going on, but also learnmore about Mormons .(other than the fact that they are most-likely-always-sober) To quote another somewhat reliable source:

“This movie made Mormons seem so normal! Everyone should see this!”
– My kind-of-Protestant friend Monica from high school.

So when my Catholic family asked when will it be coming to a theatre near them (Chicago)? I had to answer: ” Well, it might not be…” Because the hard truth is, unless this film does well in its limited theatrical release in Utah, the filmmakers won’t be able to expand to furthering states, which ironically is really where this film really needs to be viewed. In short, or as my dad put it:

“So if Mormons don’t go see this Mormon movie about Mormons than we non-Mormons don’t get to see it?”

Want to know how real the chances are of Clare’s father getting to see the film she worked hard to create? Click here to find out. 


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