Saturday, July 2, 2022
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James the Mormon, David Archuleta Release Powerful New Song About Missionary Work

James the Mormon, David Archuleta Combine Hip-Hop and Pop for New Song About Missionary Work

Who ever would have thought Preach My Gospel, the Church’s official handbook for missionary service, would provide inspiration for an entire album?

James Curran, better known by his moniker JamestheMormon, did. In fact, Curran has a lot of thoughts that no one else has and the Church is better off for it.

“I do not make Christian or Mormon music,” he told us.  He explained how that sort of music is generally listened to by active members who are going to church and are generally doing pretty good.

“The ‘1’ that they refer to in Matthew 18:12 doesn’t listen to the music that is in Deseret Book,” Curran continued. “I want to reach the kid who feels obligated to go to church or is struggling with his or her testimony. I want to reach non-members and show them that there are Mormons just like them. And that Mormons listen to rap and are cool. I hate that myths and poor stereotypes of the Church hold people back from something so beautiful.”

If this sounds crazy, at least know it’s working. Curran’s last release hit #1 on Billboard Breakout artist chart and iTunes Hip Hop chart. In his latest blog post, which also announced his new project “Pmg” alongside multiple artists, he shared multiple personal messages he’s received from non-members and inactive members inspired by his music.

“Pmg” is an album inspired by Preach My Gospel and has six songs:

  • Restoration (feat. Jay Warren)
  • Coming Home (feat. Yahosh Bonner)
  • Found a Friend (feat Junior Maile)
  • Window (feat. Ali Shields)
  • Renegade (feat. Mimi Knowles)
  • Workin (feat. David Archuleta)

You can find the whole thing on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services. Workin, featuring LDS star David Archuleta, is a modern song about enduring to the end and it sounds like it should be on the radio instead of a traditional missionary CD. And that’s the point. It’s energetic, fun, and inspiring. You can watch the music video below:

Despite his popularity, Curran asks that if you feel inspired by “Pmg” you write a review or share on social media.

“Because I am 100% self funded, I have no label, manager, or booking agent, and I don’t have the same tools and reach as other artists.”

Learn more about Curran and his music at his official website.



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