Katherine Heigl on Growing Up Mormon and Making Utah Her Home

After stepping away from primetime and the big screen to bond with her family, Emmy Award-winning actress Katherine Heigl will return to TV tonight in a political drama, but she still considers motherhood to be her most important role.

During an interview on the set of her new NBC thriller “State of Affairs,” Heigl told KSL producer Candice Madsen that caring for her adopted daughters — Naleigh, 5, and Adalaide, 2 — is “the most significant” thing she has done.

“I know that sounds odd, but the world had become so sort of singularly focused for me on my career and success and getting that next role and getting that next part,” Heigl said. “I just needed my life to be bigger than just my career. I wanted to have an impact and do something more than just perform, and being a mother is that for me.”

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