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Latter-day Saint Missionaries Gallop into the Future with Equine Evangelism

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SALT LAKE CITY – Saddle up, folks! In a joint statement with the US Ranchers Association of America, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced an innovative expansion of its missionary outreach program called, “Hoofing it for the Heaven” – an equine edition!

In a bold move that’s sure to come as a bit of a shock to more than 70,000 young and senior missionary couples, missionaries are now able to swap their trusty bicycles for four-legged companions on the road to righteousness. Yes, you heard that right – say goodbye to bikes and hello to bridles!

Two sister missionaries gallop into town to spread the gospel.

With the launch of this groundbreaking initiative, missionaries are trading their traditional door-to-door approach for a more hoof-to-hoof method. Picture it: two missionaries astride mighty steeds, clad in crisp white shirts and ties, riding through neighborhoods with their Book of Mormons in hand, and pamphlets flapping in the wind like banners of salvation.

“This is a game-changer,” exclaimed Elder Brigham Bridlewood, as he adjusted his missionary badge and expertly navigated his mount through suburban streets. “Horses have been instrumental in spreading messages throughout history, so why not harness their horsepower for spreading the word of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ?”

Elder Colin Trotter and Ruger Jones posing for a photo op with their stallions.

The benefits are clear: increased mobility, enhanced visibility, and let’s not forget the undeniable charm of a missionary on horseback. It’s the perfect blend of old-school charm and modern convenience.

But the advantages don’t stop there. “Our missionaries are reporting unprecedented success rates,” beamed Sister Sarah Saddleworth, clutching a handful of new referral cards. “There’s just something about seeing a missionary atop a majestic steed that really captures people’s attention.”

Two male missionaries stroll through town on their beautiful broncos.

Critics may neigh-say, but the numbers speak for themselves. Congregations are growing, and communities are buzzing with excitement over the prospect of a missionary cavalry trotting through town.

So, whether you’re a believer seeking enlightenment or simply a horse enthusiast looking for a spiritual ride-along, saddle up and schedule an appointment with your local missionaries as they hoof it for the gospel!

Two sister missionaries out searching for investigators atop of two beautiful horses.

Missionaries are invited to work in conjunction with local ranchers to be properly trained and equipped with a horse that suits their needs. This program is immediately available to missionaries in Montana, Wyoming, Texas, and Florida and will be rolled out into other areas within the coming months.

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