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22 Pictures of Apostles Doing “Normal” Things

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Here are some fun pictures of the Lord’s Servants doing “normal” things in public. We say “normal” because it’s not necessarily normal to throw the opening pitch at a LA Dodgers game, or have a conversation with Jerry Sloan. It’s fun to realize that they are human just like you and I, only with very special callings from the Lord. Enjoy!

President Uchtdorf with Kyle Whittingham.
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shooting the breeze with University of Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham. Photo courtesy of @TheJazzyUte.
Elder Eyring taking picture with cell phone.
Elder Eyring excitedly taking a picture with his cell phone. Photo from MiddleAgedMormonMan.com.
LDS Church leader to celebrate 92nd birthday this week
Elder L. Tom Perry standing in front of his home with his wife. Photo courtesy Perry Family via KSL.com.
President Monson sipping on Lime Freeze.
President Monson sipping on a Lime Freeze from Corner Drug in Driggs Idaho. Someone at the store took this picture of him and posted it on Facebook with this caption, “We have had a couple of distinguished visitors to the soda fountain this week. This gentlemen enjoyed his Lime Freeze from Corner Drug. Hope the fishing on the river was equally as good!” From what we hear about President Monson and fishing, we’re sure it was.
Elder L. Tom Perry Jazz Game
Elder L. Tom Perry at a Utah Jazz game. I’d have a hard time watching the overpaid athletes on the court with this guy sitting next to me. We found this pic on http://eyrealm.blogspot.com.
Elder David A. Bednar throwing the opening pitch at Mormon Night at LA Dodgers stadium. Nice form! Get that guy a jersey! Oh wait…
Elder Holland throwing opening pitch.
Not everybody gets to throw a pitch out at a Dodgers game, but this guy does! Elder Jeffrey R Holland also threw out a pitch for Mormon Night at Dodgers Stadium.
This picture from 2008 shows President Uchtdorf trying to stay out of public view by growing a goatee, wearing sunglasses, and sporting a stylish Abercrombie sweater. Oh wait, that’s President and Sister Monson! Photo courtesy Deseret News.
Elder L. Tom Perry with Former BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson cheering on the BYU cougars basketball team.
Elder Holland with granddaughter.
Elder Jeffrey R Holland hugging his granddaughter at the airport as she returns from her full-time mission. Photo courtesy Elder Holland’s Facebook page.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson tries to recruit former Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan to come out of retirement to coach again. Or he’s giving him the first discussion… Image courtesy Deseret News.
Elder Russel M. Nelson at Salt Lake airport.
Elder Nelson at the Salt Lake City airport. Image courtesy of @Mark R-K on Twitter.
Elder Nelson at BYU basketball game.
Elder Russell M. Nelson looking at player profiles at a BYU vs Oregon game at Energy Solutions in Salt Lake City. Image from http://plukehansen.blogspot.com
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin was a former University of Utah football player himself! Here he is sporting his Ute gear at a football game.
Embedded image permalink
@OliviaWade10 posted this on Twitter saying, “Just shook Elder Eyring’s hand. 🙂 #Apostle #BDE”. The image isn’t 100% clear that it’s Elder Eyring, but we’re guessing the suit and crowd confirms it.
Elder Anderson at D-League press conference.
Elder Neil L. Andersen with his son Brandt Andersen at a NBA D-League press conference. His son, Brandt owned the D-League team for a short time and Elder Andersen often attended the games played at the UCCU Center at Utah Valley University.
“THIS is how you kick a soccer ball. Trust me, I’m European.” Elder Uchtdorf kicks the ceremonial first kick at the Utah Valley University soccer opening night. Image courtesy of Deseret News.
President Uchtdorf and Jimmer at a BYU football game. Image courtesy of http://familywarburton.blogspot.com.
Elder Perry hugs Utah State mascot.
Elder L. Tom Perry is just as excited as any other 10 year old boy to give the Utah State Aggie mascot a big hug. Image courtesy of http://news.hjnews.com/
President Monson at rodeo.
President Monson at the Days of 47 Rodeo in Utah with his daughter, grandson, and Utah Governor Gary Herbert. I wouldn’t mess with that cowboy. Image courtesy of http://leslieandaaron.blogspot.com.
Elder Uchtdorf serving at soup kitchen.
Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf with his wife and some youth serving at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen. Image courtesy President Uchtdorf’s Facebook page.
The post-General Conference apostolic fist bump.

My Public Apostle Sighting

I remember the first time I saw an apostle in public. I was coming home from a business trip and few into the Salt Lake City airport. I retrieved my luggage from the baggage claim and walked casually out to the passenger pickup area. As I walked down the sidewalk, I saw a older feller sitting with his wife on a bench with their luggage. Just as I walked by he looked up and my eyes met the eyes of Elder Robert D. Hales! My heart immediately skipped a beat. I felt like a little boy seeing his sports hero or something. In my shock, I tried to be normal. “Hi, I’m Brandon Young.” I said nervously. “Nice to meet you.” He politely replied. An awkward silence followed. “Where ya coming from?” I asked. “We were visiting some Saints in Hawaii.” “Cool.” I again nervously said while looking at him and his wife. At that time, a car pulled up and he informed me that it was his ride. “Can I help with your luggage?” I asked. “Sure!” So I grabbed Elder and Sister Hales luggage, loaded it in the trunk of the car, shook his hand and just like that he was gone. It was an awesome experience I will never forget.

If you’ve ever met or seen an apostle in public, we would love to hear! Share your story in the comments below.

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Brandon Young
Brandon Young
Brandon is a husband and father to the cutest 6-year old twins you have ever seen. Brandon has served in various church capacities including full-time missionary in Madrid, Spain, Young Men's Presidency, Executive Secretary, temple worker, and Elders Quorum Presidency. Brandon is the owner of LDSBookstore.com which has been featured as one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah. He enjoys playing basketball, ping-pong, and discovering life with his twins.


  1. About 20 years ago I had the privilege of singing with the Weber State University Chamber Choir. One Christmas season we were invited to sing in SLC at a Christmas devotional for a stake that a few of the general authorities were thought to attend. We were told that one for sure would be in attendance that night. We first sang in the foyers of the church while everyone came in. Towards the beginning of the program and as the crowds began to trickle we noticed a tad disturbance in the chapel. Everyone stood up. The tallest singer in our group gasped, “there’s Elder _______________ and Elder _______________ and Elder___________________.” Excited that there was, not one, but at least THREE members of the 12 present that night, we lined up to enter into the chapel and take our places on the stand. As we neared we realized that there were 3+ GA’s in attendance that night (I think there were 6) and they were all sitting in the row directly in front of our seats!!!!! It was such an honor to sing for them and at the end of the devotional they all graciously turned around and shook the hands of everyone on the first row of the choir. My only regret: it was the ONLY year, being 5’2″, that I stood in the second row of the choir and was also not gutsy enough to extend my hand for a shake! It was a wonderful experience that strengthened my testimony of these men being true followers of Christ and representatives of him. There was a big, undeniable spirit that surrounded them.

    • Oh please! There is a big difference between idol worship and being excited to meet or see someone that you have been watching on the T.V. since you where a kid. In fact this post is about is about the fact that they are normal people just like you and me. Being a little star stuck, because you have just met someone who has uplifted you, taught you how to come closer to Christ and is a leader who you respect is a far cry from idol worship or anything else inappropriate. Get over yourself.

  2. Living near Oakley Idaho, my husband and I attended the 24th of July celebration there. The special BBQ lunch was served in the city park. It was well attended and seating was limited. I noticed a picnic table with empty seats. We walked over and I inquired if we could sit there. The kind man and his daughter said they would be happy to have us join them. We had a wonderful lunch and a great visit with…Elder Haight and his daughter. He was spending the summer at his family home where the following year I was invited to spend some time “chatting” with him about my convert husbands baptism. Oakley Idaho loved that man as did we. How fortunate we were to have him in our midst.

  3. Not my story, but still cool! When my friend was a little girl she went to see Summer of the Monkies. She was crying a little because she wanted popcorn and a gentleman behind them leaned over and said “here have mine”. It was president Hinkley! 🙂

  4. Several years ago my husband and I were on vacation and stopped in SLC to go to Temple Square (. He was not a member at that time) and to go to the bank. There were 3lines to tellers at the bank, me, Elder Oakes, and another gentleman. We all got called to the teller at approximately the same time. We were out of cash on our vacation and it would be a while before we would get back to East Texas so I presented my Merril Lyn ch Visa card and asked for $500. As I was leaving the gentleman said to Elder Oakes ” Elder Oakes, we need o find out this lady’s trick. She walks up to the teller, asks for $500 and the give it to her with no questions”. Elder Oakes replied ” I am sure she will pay thing on it”, turned to me to shake my hand and wish me a pleasant remainder of my trip

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