Friday, June 24, 2022
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This LDS Musician’s New Song Will Wrench Your Heart

Stephanie Mabey, an LDS musician best known for penning “Glorious” from Meet the Mormons, has released a new music video that starts off humorously but quickly turns into a powerful anthem about courage and perseverance in the face of great trials.

The song, ‘Til You Say So, reminds us all that:

Whenever it seems like it might be too late
remember there’s no such thing
Don’t let go

It’s not over ’til you say so

Along with the music video, Mabey has also released an update on her music that reflects the message of her song and how she “learned how to keep going through these periods of times that feel like the end…now, when I feel like that, I just think there’s something cool on the other side of this because that’s just been my experience, it’s not over, it’s just not done.”



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  1. This is a great song!