LDS Singer Creates Powerful Music Video about Foster Care

LDS Singer Creates Powerful Music Video about Foster Care

Fourteen-year-old Aidree has moved almost every year since she was two and her parents divorced. Too often, she was separated from her four brothers and sisters. Times for Aidree were hectic and confusing—especially after one, and then both, of her parents started serving jail time for substance abuse and other destructive behaviors.

LDS musical artist Nadia Khristean met Aidree this past December and has not stopped fighting for her and the hundreds of others like her. Aidree has become the focal point of Nadia’s recently released music video for foster care. Nadia and popular YouTube artist Evynne Hollens covered the song “Rockabye”, by Clean Bandit for the cause. A portion of the proceeds of the song’s sales on iTunes will go to Utah Foster Care.



Along with launching a music video to support the foster care cause; Nadia has created a campaign to raise awareness and donations. She hopes Aidree’s story encourages parents around Utah state to sign up to become foster parents, or that the community will become aware of their need to open their arms to someone in their neighborhood in foster care who could use a friend.

“There are currently almost 3,000 children who need foster care in Utah and only 1,300 have homes to live in. These kids enter foster care by no fault of their own… with so many children in a difficult situation”, said Nadia Khristean. “Although we all can’t be a foster parent, we all can be a friend to a foster child.”



According to Utah Foster Care, Children in foster care often have special needs due to neglect, abuse, or separation. Substance abuse is a contributing factor in many foster care cases. In Utah, most children are in foster care for about 12 months; some children may stay in foster care for much longer.

Join Nadia, Evynne and Utah Foster Care to make a difference for kids in our own communities like Aidree who are in desperate need of help.

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