Lindsey Stirling 4th Highest Paid YouTube Star of 2015

Forbes has released a report listing the the World’s highest-paid YouTube stars and it features our very own Lindsey Stirling! The well-known YouTuber and dancing violinist was named the 4th highest earning YouTube star of 2015 reported Forbes in an article published on their website today. Lindsey served a full-time mission on New York City and graduated from BYU after her missionary service. Lindsey has also participated in the church’s new interview series for youth called Face to Face.

In an interview with Forbes, Lindsey commented on the popular video platform saying, “What I love about YouTube is that it allows the platform to go anywhere.” Lindsey’s popular videos have received over one BILLION views worldwide and her YouTube channel has amassed over 7 million subscribers. This all adds up to big bucks for the internet superstar. Lindsey continued saying, “We all use YouTube in our own unique way to create our own careers. However, you can branch off. YouTubers now write books, they are starting tv shows, they are going into filmmaking and acting.” This statement rings true for Lindsey as she was signed by a record label and has released three albums including Lindsey Stirling, Shatter Me and Lindsey Stirling: Live from London.

The full story can be read on Forbes website, and will be published in the November 2, 2015 issue of Forbes Magazine.

Watch Lindsey’s Videos:

Crystallize has over 130 million views:

Lindsey’s “I’m a Mormon” video:

Face to Face with Lindsey Stirling:

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