Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Lindsey Stirling Places Second on Dancing with the Stars

Lindsey Stirling Places Second on Dancing with the Stars

After an exciting journey on the hit reality show Dancing with the Stars, LDS violinist Lindsey Stirling claimed second place with professional dance partner Mark Ballas.

The pair performed two dances, a repeat of a jive number from earlier in the season and a “fusion” dance which combined the tango and the cha cha. You can watch both performances below; each received perfect scores from the judges.




At the end of the night, Stirling and Ballas came in second to Lindsay Arnold and her celeb partner Jordan Fisher. You can watch the winning moment here. Arnold, who has been dancing as a pro with the show for six seasons, is also an LDS member. This is her first time taking home the coveted mirrorball trophy.

Stirling also performed a new musical Christmas number on the show alongside Becky G.

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