LISTEN NOW: David Archuelta's New Pop Single "Numb"

LISTEN NOW: David Archuleta’s New Pop Single “Numb”

Ever since David Archuleta returned from his LDS mission in 2014, fans have eagerly awaited new music. While Archuleta has been working with the Church, collaborating with other artists, and touring, things have been fairly quiet for the American Idol runner-up.

Today, that changed with the release of a brand new lyric video on Archuleta’s YouTube channel. His first true single in years, “Numb” is a rousing and honest look at living a life with vulnerability and avoiding the desire to shut down. You can watch the lyrics and listen to the entire song below.


Archuleta has been performing the song for over a year on tour. The inspiration for the song came as he struggled to get back into music. “I went to LA, went to a bunch of meetings, and it kind of freaked me out,” Archuleta said in a now deleted fan recording. “When you’re on a mission you’re just serving people and you’re seeing how you can help them, whether they need their house painted or you’re sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and just doing everything in your day for them, other people…When I got back everyone was like, ‘Oh, that’s nice…so anyway, back to you.”

After realizing he might have jumped back into the music scene too soon, he took a few weeks off before going to Nashville to try to write. At one point he eventually called his manager and expressed that he didn’t know if he wanted to do music anymore. Then, during a writing session, when he told songwriters how he was feeling, they suggested writing a song about it.

“So we wrote about how you know what I do think I need to do this, but I can’t do it the same way I did it before. I am a new person,” Archuleta said.

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