A Look at the New LDS Film, "Love, Kennedy"

A Look at the New LDS Film, “Love, Kennedy”

A new faith-based film by beloved LDS filmmaker T.C. Christensen is inspired by the true life and death story of Utah teenager Kennedy Hansen.

Kennedy was your normal, fun-loving youth with a penchant for befriending others. Then, a terrible disease began to steal Kennedy’s motor skills and cognitive abilities. It would take years for the diagnosis of Juvenile Batten Disease, a rare neurological condition, to come. While it claimed Kennedy’s life in 2014 when she was just 16-years-old, she never lost her ability to inspire others. Now, her story is being shared with a larger audience as the feature film, “Love, Kennedy.”

The film stars Tatum Chiniquy as Kennedy and LDS acting veterans Heather Beers and Jasen Wade as Kennedy’s parents. T.C. Christensen, who wrote and directed the film, is known in the LDS community for his films “Forever Strong”, “17 Miracles”, and “The Cokeville Miracle”.

Christensen told Deseret News, “What really interested me about the Kennedy Hansen story is the effect that she had on others, including missionary work and conversion, so the film we’re trying to make is just as much about the effect she had on others as much as it is about what she went through.”

“I hope that people that learn about Kennedy through the film can come away feeling like, ‘You know what, even for a girl who was dying, there was some kind of plan for her. God was aware of her and who she is, and if he was (aware) of her, maybe he is of me, too.”

“Love, Kennedy” releases June 2, 2017, in select Utah theaters. You can see a full list of available theaters here. Want the movie to come to your area? Click here to request the film come to your city.

You can learn more about the film and watch exclusive clips here on their official Facebook page.

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