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Members Invited to Pay 11% Tithing Amidst Rising Inflation

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SALT LAKE CITY – As rising inflation takes a toll on nearly every country in the world, organizations are scrambling to find solutions to combat unprecedented rising costs – including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Inflation has affected nearly every industry in the world, especially items like food, fuel, airfare, and lettuce. Costs of certain items like eggs have increased by nearly 60%. Various factors have contributed directly to price increases, whereas others have been affected by a trickle-down effect from things like fuel and labor costs.

As price increases trickle down to items like scriptures, funeral potatoes, CTR rings, jello, and 5-gallon buckets of uncracked oats, the Church and its members have been left scrambling to find ways to help offset these rising costs.

In what is being considered a monumental shift, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is asking members to give an additional 1% on top of their regular 10% tithe. According to a release announced on Saturday, April 1st.

A member fills in their new 11% tithing.
A member fills in their new 11% tithing.

“We have seen significant price increases in things like sacrament cups, utilities to heat and cool our buildings, stickers and snacks for nursery children. We are now becoming concerned that many of our valiant young men may not be able to go on week-long, fully-catered rafting trips this summer.” said a church spokesman in a press conference from church headquarters.

“A one-percent increase from a member’s tithe will hardly be enough to offset the current inflation rate, but like they say, any little bit helps. Our greatest concern is our members’ ability to calculate an 11% tithe. We have done 10% for so long – move the decimal left and that’s it! The math on an 11% tithe may require a calculator or an adult for you young children, but we believe that you will be buoyed up in this challenge.”

The church had already updated its website late Saturday morning to allow for members to enter their 11% tithe.

To assist in these calculations and to help members understand how this change will impact their wallets, we created a tithing calculator below. Be sure to add this website to your favorites list for future use and share it with friends.

Use our handy dandy tithing calculator:

10% Tithing:
11% Tithing:
The difference between the two is only:


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Brandon Young
Brandon Young
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