New "Abish Testified" Song Celebrates Women's Testimonies

New “Abish Testified” Song Celebrates Women’s Testimonies

A new song for Latter-day Saint children not only teaches about sharing gospel truths but highlights the story of an important Book of Mormon female.

The song, entitled “Abish Testified,” was written by Monica Scott, Jen Hilton, and Kristin B. Hodson. It follows the story of Abish, a Lamanite woman who had converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ but had to keep her faith secret for many years. When a miracle occurs, she finds the faith to share the story with those around her. The song reminds children that they can be like Abish and share the light within.

“I have a strong desire to keep writing about women scripture heroes and to share their stories through music,” said Monica Scott of the project. “It has been a privilege to team up with women who have the same desire and together we have written a new song about the story of Abish.”

Listen to the song below, with illustrations by Lina Persson. You can get sheet music and digital tracks of the song here.


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