Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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O Come, O Come Emmanuel Music Video + Album Review

O Come, O Come Emmanuel Music Video + Album Review

Garth Smith is an LDS pianist who specializes in original arrangements of beloved hymns, has released a new Christmas album, “A Sacred Christmas.” Joining Smith on the album are popular vocalists Callee Reed, Michael Dowdle, the Sun Valley Carolers, and more.

In the midst of so many other Christmas CDs, “A Sacred Christmas” stands out for its variety. The album sheds new light on classics while also introducing you to inspiring new melodies. An especially enjoyable track is Heaven’s Hallelujah, which takes the familiar tune by Leonard Cohen and adds new and moving lyrics. However, the music is not just enjoyable. Throughout the album, you get a sense of testimony and love through music. You will be edified by this CD long after Christmas is over.

You can learn more about this CD, preview tracks, and purchase it here.

Below is the first video from the album, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” which features vocalist Mattie Millward. It is an inspiring video about how service can positively impact lives.

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