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Once I Was A Beehive Continues to Impress, Readies for DVD Release

Once I Was A Beehive Continues to Impress, Readies for DVD Release

Once I Was A Beehive is the little LDS film that could. With a stunning 12-week run in theaters across the US, including a one-night special showing in New York City, the indie production about Girl’s Camp, finding common ground, and being together is being called the best reviewed LDS film in a decade.

In a recent open letter to moviegoers the film’s creator, Maclain Nelson, said, “Eighteen months ago I had an idea. Actually it was more than an idea, I believe it was inspiration. How else could you explain that a 34-year-old man would decide to make a heartfelt movie about Girls Camp?

In the wake of the success of my previous film, The Saratov Approach, I wanted to follow in its steps and make something that spoke to people of all ages and religions. On the surface it seemed that a girls camp movie was not the right move, that the scope was too narrow, but I could not get the idea out of my head. As we plunged forward, I had successful producers tell me to “run away” from this concept, that “this culture will never accept a female driven story”. I want to thank you all for proving them wrong.”

Once I Was a Beehive tells the story of 16-year-old Lane Speer whose mother has just married a Mormon. While they’re on their honeymoon, Lane gets sent to girl’s camp, where she must wrestle with memories of her deceased father and try to adjust to her new Mormon family.


The DVD (plans for Blu-Ray and online streaming are supposedly in the works) is now available for pre-order and the official release date is November 24. Grab it here! Watch the trailer below!

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