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Paws and Prayers: Latter-day Saint Missionaries Now Allowed to Have Pets

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SALT LAKE CITY – In a surprising turn of events, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced a groundbreaking policy change: full-time missionaries are now permitted to have pets accompany them throughout their missionary service.

Gone are the days of lonely proselytizing, as missionaries can now share the love of the gospel with their furry friends by their side, along with their assigned missionary companion. Whether it’s a faithful Fido or a righteous Rex, missionaries can now embark on their spiritual journeys with the comforting companionship of their existing or a newly adopted pet.

“We believe that having pets alongside our missionaries will not only provide them with much-needed companionship but will also serve as a conversation starter,” said Elder Pawsalot, a spokesman for the Church. “After all, who can resist the charm of a missionary with a puppy in tow?”

This new policy has already received enthusiastic responses from both current missionaries and potential converts. “I always thought missionaries were nice, but now that they can bring pets, I definitely feel they are more relatable and easy to approach,” commented one local resident.

In addition to boosting morale and spreading joy, the presence of pets is expected to enhance missionary work in various ways. Dogs can help missionaries locate lost souls (and lost keys), while cats can provide much-needed stress relief during intense theological discussions.

While missionaries are encouraged to choose pets that align with the spirit of their mission, there are some guidelines in place. Pets must be well-behaved, clean, and respectful of local customs. Additionally, missionaries are responsible for the care and well-being of their furry companions. The permitted list of pets includes: dogs, cats, hamsters, birds of the talking breed, and ferrets.

“We trust our missionaries to make wise decisions when selecting their pets, or deciding which pet from home they will bring” added Elder Pawsalot. “Just imagine the positive impact of a missionary and their pet spreading the gospel together. It’s truly a match made in heaven.”

This progressive policy change is yet another example of the Church’s commitment to innovation and adaptation in a changing world. As missionaries embark on their newfound adventures with their four-legged friends, one thing is certain: the bonds of faith and friendship will only grow stronger.

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