The Piano Guys Experience Bittersweet Release Day for New Album, Announce Live Facebook Chat

The Piano Guys Experience Bittersweet Release Day for New Album, Announce Live Facebook Chat

There was no way of knowing the release date for The Piano Guy’s first album since 2014 would coincide with the tragic loss of group member Jon Schmidt’s daughter, Annie. Yet, that is what happened. “Uncharted” officially went on sale today and the group’s team even managed to get the pre-sold albums out on time even though they spent an entire week scouring the Oregon wilderness for Annie after she disappeared hiking. The search concluded on Wednesday, October 26.

The Piano Guys sent out this letter explaining their feelings for this day.

Our dear friends,

Amidst one of the most heartbreaking moments and also most moving outpourings of love and support we’ve ever felt, our album “Uncharted” releases today.

This has been a week many of us never want to remember nor forget. We don’t really feel like celebrating.

So many of you have made comments over the past several years about how the music and videos we’ve created have made a difference in your life. We feel like we need that “difference” now too.

If you pre-ordered our album, we hope it finds its way to you in the next few days and can provide an uplifting moment of hope in your life. If you haven’t had a chance yet to listen or order it, please visit our site. We’ll be listening right along with you.

We’d love more opportunities to talk with all of you. We’ll be doing a Live video chat on Facebook this Wednesday. We’ll base our conversation off any questions or comments you, our Insiders, may have regarding our new album, what we have planned for the future, or any topic at all.

Click here if you’d like to ask a question or leave a comment for Wednesday.

Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your faith and your goodness.

You can follow The Piano Guys on Facebook here to make sure you don’t miss their live video. You can order “Uncharted”, which comes in both regular and deluxe CD packages, here. The group also shared this photo of team members Frank and Jeremy shipping out orders today.


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