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Popular LDS Couple Sing A Lullaby to Comfort Us All

Popular LDS Couple Sing A Lullaby to Comfort Us All

Kenzie Nimmo and her husband, Harris Heller, are somewhat of a music sensation on social media. With over 250,000 followers and growing, Kenzie’s beautiful covers and original songs are quickly gaining traction. This is especially true of their most recent video, entitled “Emma’s Lullaby.” Kenzie wrote the song for her niece Emma, but she also said in the video’s description, “But I also wrote it for you. I think everyone needs a lullaby sometimes to remind them they’ll be just fine.”

For many members of the Church who have started sharing the video, they note how the song has many meetings and can represent our relationship to our heavenly parents. Watch the full video below.


Emma’s Lullaby – Kenzie Nimmo & Harris HellerI wrote this song for my new niece, and loved singing it with my husband. Lullabies aren’t just for children, I think everyone needs reminding, sometimes, that things will be just fine.

Posted by Kenzie Nimmo on Friday, February 19, 2016



Want more music from Kenzie and Harris? Check out her YouTube page and follow her on Facebook for access to more. Want to buy Emma’s Lullaby? Don’t worry, it has been submitted to iTunes and streaming sites and should be approved soon.

Check out a few snapshots of their music and life in their Instagram videos below.


I love my niece so much. I’d steal her if I could. ??

A photo posted by Kenzie Nimmo (@kenzienimmo) on

The couple with Emma, who inspired the song “Emma’s Lullaby.”

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