Rexburg Teen Gives Valentine's To Every Girl in School

Rexburg Teen Gives Valentine to Every Girl at School

Have you heard about this amazing gesture from a teen in Idaho, originally posted by East Idaho News?

A Rexburg teen may have just set a new standard for Valentine’s Day. Madison Junior High student Keegan Wolfe said he didn’t want any girl in his school to not have a valentine, so the 14 year old gave a valentine baloon to all 650 girls in the school.

With a little help from his parents, he saved up money from summer jobs and Christmas to pay for the gesture. He got the balloons from a local dollar store. It cost him about $650.

When asked if he has a girlfriend, Keegan says he is currently single, but after his Valentine’s Day delivery he suggested to “check in next year.”

He says the only downside is the other boys in the school who weren’t thrilled that he gave their girlfriends a valentine.

We think this is the sweetest Valentine’s Day gesture we’ve heard yet! What do you think?




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    What a thoughtful gesture by this young man!

  2. Avatar

    Aw!!! That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Crud, why couldn’t he be 16?

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