Friday, June 24, 2022
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Saturday’s Warrior 2016 Film Cast Announced

Saturday’s Warrior 2016 Film Cast Announced

LDS Living has posted details from the filmmakers of Saturday’s Warrior 2016, announcing the cast and sharing new video interviews.

The standout cast announcements include Kenny Holland as Jimmy Flinders and Alex Boyé as the heavenly guide.

Set the be released in 2016, Saturday’s Warrior will be an updated retelling of the original musical, which follows the Flinders family on Earth after they make promises to each other in the pre-existence. Though updated, the film will still be set in the 1970s, a decision that did not come easily to the team. At the helm of the film’s team is composer, songwriter, and pianist Lex de Azevedo who created the play alongside Douglas Stewart. You can learn more about the new film here.

Below are just two of the interviews provided by LDS Living. You can see the rest at the link below.

You can read the full cast list at

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