Saturday's Warrior Coming to the Big Screen in 2016

Saturday’s Warrior Coming to the Big Screen in 2016

Saturday’s Warrior began as a college project in 1973 and quickly turned into a Mormon cult classic. Now, the creators are hard at work bringing the musical to the big screen.

Set the be released in 2016, Saturday’s Warrior will be an updated retelling of the original musical, which follows the Flinders family on Earth after they make promises to each other in the pre-existence. Though updated, the film will still be set in the 1970s, a decision that did not come easily to the team. At the helm of the film’s team is composer, songwriter, and pianist Lex de Azevedo who created the play alongside Douglas Stewart.

“It is so much better, we’re taking it to the next level,” said Azevedo in a Q&A video for the film’s official Facebook page. “It’s still so very Saturday’s Warrior in every way, but it’s going to be better. The things that I would have done if we could have as a stage play I can now do as a movie.”

The Facebook page, which is acting as the film’s official website for the moment, is a hidden treasure for those who love the original production. Not only does Azevedo answer questions personally, but he also invites multiple members of the original California cast to reminisce with him for interviews and opportunities to sing the memorable songs one more time.

The original Pam, Sawn Engemann King (wife of CNN’s Larry King), was one of the first people “drafted” into the cast, as Azevedo likes to say. She was only 13 at the time; Pam was written as 19.

“None of us realized what is was going to be,” King says. “After the very first show the emotion that we all felt was so deep and so powerful that this wasn’t just going to be a stake production. This was something so much bigger.”

Azevedo is also very forthright with audiences. One of the greatest concerns people have with the original musical and subsequent video recording that most members are familiar with is the departure from known doctrinal principles.

Saturday’s Warrior was never intended to be doctrinally correct. Saturday’s Warrior is a fantasy based on the LDS belief of the pre-existence. If we limit it to everything that’s in the standard works, it may not be very interesting. It’s a play and it’s going to be a movie and the idea of the pre-existence we play with. Could it be that we met our one and only in the pre-existence? I don’t know that that’s true, I don’t know that it’s not true. To me it’s a non-issue.”

You can also be involved in the production of the film. For example, a casting call just went out to find the perfect Jimmy Flinders. You can also share your memories, ideas, and thoughts, most of which are responded to by Azevedo and his team personally.

Click here to watch videos, see pictures, and get involved.

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