Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Stop What You’re Doing and Watch “Gethsemane” by Paul Cardall and Nathan Pacheco

This new single from Paul Cardall’s latest album, “A New Creation,” is a hauntingly beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ. Entitled Gethsemane, the song features stunning vocals from Nathan Pacheco. You can watch the music video below. Make sure the closed captions are on if you’d like to see the English translation. We’ve also provided the lyrics below.

You can get “A New Creation” here.




Where there’s love
There is peace
There is hope
And there’s relief

Where there’s faith
There is a power
That you’ll discover
as you choose to act and trust He knows the way

When you’re lost
He will find you
He will heal you
He’ll bind up your wounds and give you rest
Lift up your eyes to heaven
and abandon
all the sins that hold you down
put aside your broken crown
You’re a child of God
A child of light
A precious soul who has hope within your eyes.

Come to me
And believe
Where There’s Love

All alone
By a tree
You came to me

God is kind
He is forgiving
Our Father’s waiting
We are waiting for you to come home

Where there’s love
Where there’s love
Where there’s love


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