The Day in the Life of a Mormon Missionary, Told Through GIFs

The Day in the Life of a Mormon Missionary, Told Through GIFs

Ever wanted to know what LDS missionaries do and how they feel on a day to day basis? These GIFs are here to help give you just one perspective. Have a different GIF? Let us know in the comments below.

Waking up at 6:30 in the morning:

My companion: 



Running for 20 minutes as directed by my mission president:

My companion: 



Personal Study:

How I feel at the beginning of personal study: 

How I feel at the end of personal study:


Getting ready to leave for the day:


When someone walks by as I’m backing my companion up in parking lot: 


When I go tracting:

Before we get to the door:

At the door: 

What usually happens:


How I feel when my companion and I are teaching a lesson and it’s going awesome:




Waiting for an investigator to respond after I invite them to baptism:



How I feel when we’re teaching a lesson and the investigator says they don’t want to meet with us anymore: 



When someone says they might need help with something:



When there is something in the mailbox: 


Having dinner at a member’s home: 


When it’s almost time to go home, but my companion wants to knock on one more door:


Reviewing the day during nightly planning: 


When I finally get into bed at night: 

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  1. Now I understand my granddaughter on her mission.

  2. Internally screaming is a scream!

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