The Piano Guys Inspire Members, Missionaries in Seoul

The Piano Guys Inspire Members, Missionaries in Seoul, Korea

An LDS missionary serving in Seoul, Korea shared pictures of The Piano Guys, a popular LDS musical duo, holding a fireside in Korea during their international tour. According to Elder Rosenberg,two members of the four-man team shared experiences of serving LDS missions in Korea and how their faith influences their music.

“They say they pray before, during, after every song, shoot they do. Especially when they’re doing gospel songs,” Elder Rosenberg wrote. “They really are using their talents to be a witness of Christ. They talked about some crazy miracles they’ve seen.”

The Piano Guys are known for their unique versions and mash-ups of popular music. They’ve released numerous CDs and are extremely popular on YouTube.

Steven Sharp Nelson and Jon Schmidt, along with Paul Anderson and Al Van Der Beek, pose with members and missionaries in Seoul, Korea.


The Piano Guys receive ties from mission leaders.


Steven Sharp Nelson and Jon Schmidt perform.


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