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The True Story Behind This Viral Missionary Dance Video

The True Story Behind This Viral Missionary Dance Video

Elder Hunter Olsen and Elder Jet Boardman, two Latter-day Saint missionaries in the Canada Halifax mission, wanted to follow their mission president’s directive to use social media to share the gospel. After a chance encounter with a member at church and a little bit of practice, they created an infectiously fun video that’s going viral.

It all began one Sunday when the elders sat next to Caleb Allred and his wife Elsa at church. The couple shares a love of dance and routinely share videos online of their skills and choreography. When the missionaries mentioned social media was a new finding and teaching tool, they decided to learn a dance and perform it.

In the end, Caleb taught Elder Olsen and Boardman the energetic dance he performed with Cosmo the Cougar in 2017.

“We then went to the busiest street in the city and performed it in front of the library there,” Elder Olsen told us. “It was super cool and fun and was awesome to see members so willing and wanting to do missionary work in different creative ways!”

The experience was a bit intimidating for the elders, who both lacked any dance experience. “Neither me or my companion can dance but we mustered it out,” Elder Olsen said. “One of our objectives in the video was to help others realize that missionaries are more like them than they might think. And that we are normal people! It was cool to see God bless our efforts.”

The video has been shared multiple times on different accounts and has amassed over a million views collectively. You can watch the entire thing below.

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