These Zootopia Gifs Describe YSA Wards Perfectly

These Zootopia Gifs Describe YSA Wards Perfectly

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YSA wards: what’s not to love? They’re exciting, they’re fun, and they’re the purrfect place to make some fur-reaking awesome memories. But just like any ward, the YSA species has its quirks. From your weekly dose of “Marriage Prep” to those awkward calling catastrophes, our favorite well-dressed creatures from Disney’s Zootopia have the YSA basics covered.

You know you’re in a YSA ward when:

Your bishop’s favorite subject to speak on is marriage.

But he does it because he loves you and he wants you to be happy. <3 We love our bishops.


And he tends to assume that anyone you bring to church is your soon-to-be fiancé.

“Haha, actually she’s my cousin. No, no, it’s fine, we get that all the time.”


You go shopping for the very first Sunday of the semester:

Gotta look good for all the new kids, ya know? (Just kidding.)


Because you’ve got to impress the cuties you’ve seen in the ward directory . . .

Don’t even deny it. We all know that’s what the ward directory is actually for. *wink*


Even though your own photo for the directory looks like this:

One of these days they’re gonna start bringing official photographers and professional lighting in. Until then, this is the world we live in.

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