This 16-Year-Old Pianist Is Winning National Awards. Take a Listen and You’ll See Why.

According to his father, 16-year-old Nathan Hardey had a dream to play high school basketball. However, as the time drew near, another passion took hold. Now, Nathan is a budding pianist receiving national attention. He started playing at nine and has been writing music since fourteen; after entering music in competitions, Nathan has taken first at the state level (Utah) and fifth place at the national level.

Nathan is now looking to share his love of music with others and has released his first official track, an original composition called “More Than Me,” on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. A video of Nathan performing the song can be watched above.

Yesterday, Nathan posted on his Facebook page to thank those who have mentored him, including beloved LDS pianist Paul Cardall:

Thanks to my uncle, Mike Hardey, and pianist, Paul Cardall, for being a great influence on me and being great mentors! I would never have thought to do this and would never have thought it possible to continue on with my dream with out you two. I appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given me. Even though it might not seem like much to you, it has meant the world to me. Due in part to your encouragement, I’m releasing my first single tomorrow. Thanks for your support!

You can follow Nathan and listen to more of his amazing music here.

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