Monday, July 4, 2022
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This Special Music Video is for Anyone Who Has Lost a Child


Sarah Ann Beynon, an LDS musician and lyricist, has created a powerful new music video to help anyone suffering through the loss of a child.

The song was inspired by Beynon’s niece Margot who was born with trisomy 18, a condition that causes severe developmental delays.

Before she was born we had no idea anything was wrong so it was such a shock,” Beynon said. “I wrote this song and would sing it to her the week she was alive. She passed away a week later, and when she did so many of our friends and family shares similar experiences with us. So many people had lost children and we had no clue. I just felt like this song I had written could be a comfort to people. I wanted people to know that even though they might not talk about it often, their babies lives meant something. They were not meaningless and these special children have an eternal destiny.”

Beynon wrote the chorus first, hoping to ease any suffering Margot may have been experience in her week on earth.

The chorus was kind of a promise to her that I would do everything I could to keep her safe and comfortable, that I would live my life in a way that I would qualify to be with her again, and that I would never forget her during my time on earth. It’s hard to put into words all the feelings that you have during such a devastating experience. That was the hardest part,” Beynon said. 

The video already has over 20,000 views and is still climbing. Part of the footage was shot at a special Candlelight Vigil in Provo, Utah honoring children who have passed on. Beynon hopes by watching her video, others may know they are not alone in their pain.

If they feel comfortable, they’re allowed to talk about it, and they might be surprised by who they find understands what they’re feeling.  I hope the video can find its way to those who need it and can feel the spirit confirm to them that their little one is waiting for them in heaven.”

You can watch the full video, “Until Heaven,” above.

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