TRAILER: "The Fighting Preacher" Brings Inspiring True Story to Life

TRAILER: “The Fighting Preacher” Brings Inspiring True Story to Life

Over 80 years after Joseph Smith and his family left their farm in Palmyra, New York, a Latter-day Saint couple arrived at the farm on a mission.

Willard and Rebecca Bean were there to occupy and operate the recently acquired Smith Farm in 1915 and would stay for 25 years after being called by President Joseph F. Smith to tend to the site pivotal to many historical events of the Restoration. Now, their little-known story is making its way to the big screen thanks to Latter-day Saint filmmaker, T.C. Christensen.

The Fighting Preacher Movie Poster

“There are all kinds of reasons why I wanted to make this film,” Christensen said. “It’s a great story from Church history that is hardly known, with terrific conflict and resolve but at the heart of it all, I mainly wanted to make The Fighting Preacher because Willard and Rebecca Bean are wonderful, stalwart examples that throughout their story are funny and entertaining.  Just what a movie should be!”

Before their call, Willard lived a fascinating life as a boxer, fighting his way to middleweight champion of the world in 1905. His prowess in the ring plays a role in the movie when Willard challenges anyone in Palmyra to take him on in an effort to break the ice when the initial reaction to the family is hostile.

The Fighting Preacher Behind the Scenes

Dave McConnell and Cassidy Hubert star as Willard and Rebecca; the film hits select theaters Pioneer Day 2019 (July 24). You can get updates on the film’s official Facebook page.

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