Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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'Twas The Night Before General Conference

Twas The Night Before General Conference

This heartwarming poem is a great way to prepare for and celebrate General Conference. It is especially good for sharing and inviting other to Conference.

Twas the night before Conference and all through the land,
The Saints are excited for a weekend so grand.

The cinnamon rolls baked, the pens poised to write,
We’re ready to record heaven’s precious insights!

For in just a few hours God’s prophet will speak,
And Apostles too, men wise, good, and meek.

They’ll teach us of Jesus, truths so sublime
And how eternal salvation can be yours and mine.

We’ll learn about families, commandments, and love,
Revelation sent straight from our Father above.

Plus, oh the singing from heavenly choirs!
Musical sermons designed to inspire.

Prayers will be answered, we’ll laugh and we’ll cry.
Those eight hours will pass in the blink of an eye.

Then the messages will go through all of the world,
A beautiful banner held high and unfurled.

So, we look forward with faith and prepare to tune in
As General Conference is about to begin!

What did you think of this poem? Pretty fun, right? You can get a printable handout version of this poem here.

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