Two BYU Students Create Powerful Version of "I Need Thee Every Hour"

Two BYU Students Create Powerful, Modern Version of “I Need Thee Every Hour”

LDS singers Monica Moore Smith and Colby Ferrin, who are also students at BYU, have created a modern, praise-worthy version of the popular hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.” You can watch the entire video below.


Of the music video, Smith said:

After taking a year off school to film Saturday’s Warrior and other projects, I was offered a position in the BYU Music Dance Theatre major and a talent scholarship. When I decided to go back to school last fall, I was worried about how to continue to build my film portfolio. The solution was to produce my own YouTube music videos—one per month.

My first thought was to sing something LDS-centric, but I wasn’t sure how to approach that in a way that fit my style. I started out in August recording covers and an original song, but kept going back to the idea of singing an LDS song. I wanted to record what I imagined as an “epic hymn”—something identifiably Mormon, but with a modern, praise, Christian-rock vibe.

In October I met fellow BYU student and rapper Colby Ferrin and we talked about a collaboration. Then it all came together. What better way to bring a contemporary spin to a hymn than to combine singing and rapping? Working with arranger Cody Crabb, producer Becky Willard, and cinematographer RJ Idos, the music video I envisioned has finally been created.

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