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Watch: I Can Only Imagine + A Child's Prayer Music Video

Watch: I Can Only Imagine + A Child’s Prayer Music Video

Two LDS music artists, Kelsey Edwards and Loki Alohikea, have created a beautiful and unique arrangement of the LDS Primary song, “A Child’s Prayer” and the hit Christian song “I Can Only Imagine.”

This project has a special meaning for both of the artists and was put together for the LDS Church’s official Easter campaign, #PrinceOfPeace.

“My testimony has been strengthened throughout this process; just like everyone, I’ve struggled with knowing if God hears my prayers or knows me individually. I’ve been going through some challenges and I’ve really been needing to feel God’s love. As I’ve sung the lyrics to these songs over and over and listened to the song over and over, I’ve come to know even more that God does hear my prayers. He knows each of our individual cares and concerns and I’m so grateful we can all live with Him again because of Christ’s resurrection,” Kelsey said.

Loki also opened up, discussing his struggles with mental illness.

“This past year I was diagnosed with depression. My life fell apart. I prayed so desperately for help and it seemed as if the only ones that heard me were the walls of my room. I was reduced to a child, wondering if Heavenly Father was really there, imagining if I’d be able to walk with Him or hear from Him. But He is there. I’ve come a long way since then have had to regain my faith in God, and I know now without a doubt that He is there.”

The music video was a labor of love for the two and they did most of the work on their own.

“Loki and I arranged this song completely by ourselves and Loki recorded, mixed and mastered the whole thing,” Kelsey said. “We had a lot of help from some great friends and we filmed some of it on our own. It took days to complete the project, but it was a labor of love and so worth it.”

You can watch the entire music video below.


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