Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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You Won’t Want to Miss These 10 LDS Celeb Posts From This Week

You Won’t Want to Miss These 10 LDS Celeb Posts From This Week

Here’s your weekly roundup of the best social media posts from your favorite LDS figures and celebrities!


Alex Boye got a little distracted when trying to make a concert announcement. Click to play! You can check out his brand new CD of gospel hymns here!


The cast of Saturday’s Warrior has been enjoying promoting the film. Here, Monica Moore Smith and Mason Davis give the audience a little taste of their character’s relationship in the movie. You can read our review of the film here.


Had a lot of help with this year's Easter Bunny cake, a long-standing Romney tradition.

A photo posted by Ann Romney (@annromney) on

Ann Romney shared this photo from her Easter celebrations.


Jimmer and Whitney speak out against bullying and need your help. Click to play!


I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name.

A photo posted by Stuart Edge (@stuart_edge) on

YouTube creator and comedian Stuart Edge had fun on Temple Square during General Conference weekend.


The Piano Gal gives people a sneak peek of her upcoming music video. You can check out her YouTube channel here.


My son took one look at this photo and asked, "Dad, were you a hipster?" LOL #fbf

A photo posted by Donny Osmond (@donnyosmond) on

Donny Osmond shared this awesome post of his past.


The Sistas in Zion shared this funny video of hiking the Grand Canyon. Click to play!


Traditional walk on temple grounds for @mrcarraway & I to talk about what we learned from #ldsconf! Conference does not last just a weekend. It lasts (at least) 6 months. Don’t let it end. It is a 6-month road map of what will come for us. Answers will be in these talks to trials & questions we may not have right now when it was first broadcasted. Go back to read & listen to the talks. Re-read your notes!! A lot of the time I’m looking for the spirit to tell me an answer & then I realize He gave it to me already a few months ago during conference & I forgot about it until I read my notes over again. Come up with good habits to keep it a part of your daily life, b/c truly, conference is scripture. And be the type of person that shares the gospel online when it's not #ldsconf. (#9 from my 9 Ways To Get Even More out of Gen. Conf., link in bio for the rest of the list)

A photo posted by Al (Fox) Carraway (@22alfox) on

Al Fox Carraway enjoys a walk around temple grounds with her daughter and husband.


Come see The Abolitionists on May 16th and help us reach our goal to #rescue2m! Will YOU be seeing it?

A photo posted by Operation Underground Railroad (@ourrescue) on

The Abolitionists comes to theaters May 16. Learn more about it here!

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