You Haven’t Heard “Homeward Bound” Like This Before. Chills!

BYU’s hit male acappela group Vocal Point has joined with The All-American Boys Chorus for a powerful rendition of “Homeward Bound.”

Solosit Jordan Hale had a personal connection to the song and felt he wasn’t alone in that regard.

“I feel like, is a song that is applicable to everyone because no matter who you are, you’ve had something or someone that you’ve loved had you’ve had to leave,” said Hale in behind the scene footage for the music video.

He then went on to relate the story of the recent passing of his grandmother. When they were about to close the casket, Hale and his family all had a chance to say goodbye. The last person they called up was his grandfather, who grabbed her hand and just looked at her. With tears coming down, he got close to her and he kissed her on her forehead and said goodbye. Hale said he’d never forget the way his grandfather said goodbye.

“It wasn’t goodbye forever. It was good night, I’ll see you in the morning.”

He continued, “This song makes me think of the look that I saw in my grandpas eyes. The look of love without bounds, love without end. That no matter what, whether you’ve left someone or something that you really cared about, if you have that love, if you have that emotion that you’ll get back and return somehow.”

You can watch the behind the scenes footage, including more of this inspirational story, below. If you’re interested in purchasing music from Vocal Point, click here.

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