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Classic FHE Lesson: Tithing

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FHE Scripture


Malachi 3: 10

10. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

FHE Lesson Hymn


Because I have Been Given Much Hymn 219 or I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing Children’s Songbook 150

Because I Have Been Given Much Hymn 219 (See the Hymn book)

I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing

1. My Heavenly Father gives me
all good and lovely things:
The sun that shines,
the rain that falls,
the meadowlark that sings.

2. I’m glad to pay a tithing,
one-tenth of all I earn;
It’s little when I think of all
God gives me in return.

FHE Lesson


*For Younger Children* Share the following story about tithing.


Ali looked glumly at her tithing jar. Every time she earned money, she divided it into a jar for tithing, a jar for savings, and a jar for spending money. She had worked hard helping a neighbor stack firewood and pull weeds, but her older sister Carrie had tended the neighbors’ dog and worked picking raspberries for a whole week during the summer. Carrie had earned more money, and her tithing jar showed it.

Today the family would be attending tithing settlement and discussing whether or not they had each paid a full tithe that year. Before church, Ali watched Carrie pour her money into a tithing envelope and fill out the slip. Ali tried not to cry when she counted out her own tithing, but tears burned the corners of her eyes. She didn’t want the Lord to be disappointed in her for paying less. Maybe she could ask her parents for a little extra money to put in her tithing envelope.

Timidly, she crept into the den where Dad was reading.

Dad looked up and motioned for Ali to come and sit on his lap. “Tell me what’s on your mind,” he said.

Ali bravely held the tears back. “Daddy, is my tithing too small?” she asked in nearly a whisper. “I earned $22.50 this year, so I only have $2.25 in tithing to give the bishop today. Carrie has way more than I do. Will Jesus or the bishop be mad at me?”

Dad smiled and looked into her eyes. “Ali, tithing is one-tenth of what we earn. Carrie did a lot of different jobs over the summer. She worked hard for what she earned, don’t you think?”

Ali remembered Carrie coming home from picking raspberries, looking tired and a little sunburned. She also remembered Carrie taking care of the Hamiltons’ dog. Ali nodded.

“You also worked really hard for your money,” Dad said. “Those pieces of firewood that you stacked were heavy and hurt your hands. You were even more tired after you weeded the garden. Isn’t that right?”

Ali easily remembered how heavy her arms had felt carrying all those huge pieces of wood, and how her hands had stung when she washed them after pulling weeds. She had worked hard.

“Ali,” Dad said, “it doesn’t matter to the Lord how much money a person earns as long as he or she works honestly for the money. Then He asks us to give back to Him just one-tenth of what we earned. It doesn’t matter if we earned a lot or a little, as long as we give 10 percent to the bishop.”

“So the bishop will be happy with both me and Carrie even though we have different amounts of tithing?” Ali asked.

“That’s right,” Dad said. “And Heavenly Father and Jesus will be pleased too.”

Ali could hardly speak because she was so happy. It all made sense. As long as she obeyed the commandments, the Lord would be happy with her. Now she could give the bishop $2.25 and feel just right about it in her heart. (Diane Iverson, “Is My Tithing Too Small?”, Friend, Jan. 2009, 42–43)

Discuss the following questions:

Why was Ali divided her money into three different jars. What were the three jars for?
Where was the family going today?
Why did Ali start crying?
Did it matter how much money Ali paid for tithing?
How much money should we pay for tithing? (10%)
Who do we give our tithing to?
What is tithing used for?

*For Teenagers or Adults* Share and discuss the following article. (Mikenna Warnes, “Tithing First”, New Era, Jan. 2011, 34–35)

My parents have always taught me how truly important paying tithing is and the blessings that come from doing so. I knew it was what I should do, but every time I got money, it seemed so much easier to just keep it all, spend it all, and not pay my tithing. As I got older, I became better at paying tithing but would occasionally forget to pay it here and there. I honestly couldn’t see how it could be such a blessing!

This last year, I was earning money just about every week doing odd jobs, and since I didn’t have a full-time job, it really was a blessing to have money when I needed things. When I was paid, though, it was always in checks or larger bills. I’d say to myself, “Oh, I’ll pay my tithing later when I get some smaller bills.” But as time kept ticking away, I fell into a bad routine. Once I got smaller bills, I’d decide that I needed a drink or something out of a vending machine at school, and I’d spend the smaller bills. Every time I’d get paid, the same thing happened, and I wouldn’t pay my tithing. I would just spend it.

Then my best friend left on his mission, and I started sending him different things. But for a month, I didn’t have any babysitting jobs, cleaning jobs, or anything. One day I went to go get money to send a package to him, but there was no money to be found in my wallet. I was so confused! Where had all my money gone? I thought about all those times I bought drinks, treats, even clothes, and all those things started to add up in my head. I put sending the package on hold.

The next day, I did end up babysitting for one of my neighbors and decided that I would pay my tithing right then and there because I knew I was very behind. I paid it all, the full amount. The next day I went to church, gave that little envelope with my tithing in it to a member of the bishopric, and had this really warm feeling inside. I wasn’t sure why; I had even less money than I had before.

That night I had three people call me to help them that week, whether it was cleaning, babysitting, or little jobs like that. I agreed to them all, and by the end of the week, I had more money than I’d hoped for. I sent the package and still had money to spare.

I realized something that week. Just paying the 10 percent that our Father in Heaven has asked for opened up a door for me to receive blessings. Since then, I’m in the habit of paying my tithing as soon as I get home and putting it in an envelope. As the week goes by, I add to it so that by the time Sunday comes, I count it, pay my tithing, and it’s no longer in my hands.

I can’t even begin to explain the wonderful feeling of knowing you’ve paid a full tithe. I will never go without paying my tithing again now that I know and have gained a true testimony of how important it is to pay not just part of it, but all of

Discuss the following questions:
Is it important to pay tithing? Why?
What is tithing used for?
Share any personal experiences pertaining to tithing.



FHE Treat


White Hot Chocolate or Eat your Heart Out

White Hot Chocolate


1 1/2 tablespoons white-chocolate-flavor instant pudding mix
1 cup milk
Whipped cream
Crushed peppermint candies or candy canes (for garnish)



1- For each serving, combine the pudding mix and the milk in a microwavable mug, then heat the mixture in the microwave for 60 seconds on high.

2- Top with a dollop of the whipped cream and bits of the crushed peppermint candy.

Eat your Heart Out


1 (14-ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk
3 (3-ounce) packages of red flavored gelatin
2 (1/4-ounce) envelopes of unflavored gelatin


1- Dissolve one package of flavored gelatin in 3/4 cup boiling water. Add 3/4 cup cold water, then pour the mixture into a 9- by 13-inch glass pan and refrigerate for 1 hour.

2- Stir together 1/2 cup boiling water and the condensed milk. In a separate bowl, dissolve all the unflavored gelatin in ½ cup cold water for 1 to 2 minutes. Thoroughly mix in 3/4 cup boiling water, then combine this mixture with the milk and let it cool. Add half the mixture to the pan of red gelatin, pouring it over a spatula to slow the stream, and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

3- Continue alternating layers — gelatin mix, the remaining milk mix, the final gelatin mix — chilling each for 20 to 30 minutes to set it. Create individual servings with a heart-shaped biscuit or cookie cutter.


(Recipes taken from


FHE Game / Activity


1- Decorate a tithing jar or box.

2- Play a game as a family that includes money (Monopoly, Life, etc). At the end of the game, figure out how much tithing you would pay on the money you have left at the end of the game.  (For example, if you had $35, 600 at the end of the game. You would set aside $3,560 for tithing–a fun way to practice tithing.)

3- (To help younger children understand how to pay tithing:) Set up jobs or chores that can be accomplished daily or weekly. Set up an allowance for each chore or for the week. At the end of the week figure out tithing and pay it on Sunday.



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  1. Thank you so much for these amazing lessons. It has been our goal this year to have FHE every week. Thanks to this website, we are actually doing really good on that goal. Thank you for the time, and spirit that you put into each lesson!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I feel that all my family will enjoy this lesson. I had include the subject of faith in my lesson on tithing and it fits perfectly. This is really an answer to my prayers 😀

    • Morgan, I am glad to hear your family will enjoy the lesson. I really like how you added and include faith in the lesson! Thanks for using FHE Lessons!

  3. Hey I just wanna tell you guys that I use your lessons every week with my family. My husband prints them out at work (since we don’t have a printer) and brings them home and we get together and discuss.
    It’s so awesome.
    My kids are young, so we do the younger version, and they’re just short enough to get the point across. We just did life after death last week and it was awesome. As a busy mother of 4 kids at home, you guys are my life saver when it comes to FHE. I can’t thank you guys enough for doing this. Please don’t stop.

    • Milz, We are so happy to hear your family enjoys our lessons! You guys are the reason we work hard to have a great lesson for you every week.

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