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Doctrine and Covenants FHE Lesson – Behold and Lo, the Bridegroom Cometh

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Since the beginning of the Restoration, we have been warned and forewarned that the Savior is coming soon. Whether He comes to us, or we come to Him, every one of us should prepare ourselves to see Him face to face.



Doctrine and Covenants 133:10-11

Yea, let the cry go forth among all people: Awake and arise and go forth to meet the Bridegroom; behold and lo, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord. Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour.



When He Comes Again | Children’s Songbook pg. 82

1. I wonder, when he comes again,
Will herald angels sing?
Will earth be white with drifted snow,
Or will the world know spring?
I wonder if one star will shine
Far brighter than the rest;
Will daylight stay the whole night through?
Will songbirds leave their nests?
I’m sure he’ll call his little ones
Together ’round his knee,
Because he said in days gone by,
“Suffer them to come to me.”

2. I wonder, when he comes again,
Will I be ready there
To look upon his loving face
And join with him in prayer?
Each day I’ll try to do his will
And let my light so shine
That others seeing me may seek
For greater light divine.
Then, when that blessed day is here,
He’ll love me and he’ll say,
“You’ve served me well, my little child;
Come unto my arms to stay.”




Read: Doctrine & Covenants 133:10-11

Ask: Who is the Bridegroom spoken of in this verse?

Explain: Jesus has told us throughout Scripture that He is coming again. These verses tell us to watch and prepare for His coming. What are some ways we can be prepared for Him to return? How can we be more physically prepared? How can we be more spiritually prepared?

Video: Jesus told his apostles what the world would be like before his return.

Ask: How do these prophecies make you feel about the last days?

Teach: It’s normal to feel some fear about the future, particularly when many of these prophecies tell us that hard days and times are coming. But President Nelson has told us we have no need to fear.

Quote: President Russell M. Nelson counseled us at this last general conference on how we can have peace even in scary times. He said, “Please believe me when I say that when your spiritual foundation is built solidly upon Jesus Christ, you have no need to fear. As you are true to your covenants made in the temple, you will be strengthened by His power. Then, when spiritual earthquakes occur, you will be able to stand strong because your spiritual foundation is solid and immovable.”

Note: If your family has not yet made temple covenants, what steps can you take to prepare to do so?

“If I could speak with each husband and wife who have still not been sealed in the temple, I would plead with you to take the necessary steps to receive that crowning, life-changing ordinance.” –Russell M. Nelson

TESTIFY: The Lord doesn’t want us to be afraid. He wants us to be prepared and to trust in Him. By knowing the signs of the Second Coming, we can know that His return is coming and we can be prepared to receive Him.


Listen, Watch, Or Sing: Jesus, Once of Humble Birth, Hymn #196

Teach: The prophet Paul declared in Acts 3:20-21 that Jesus Christ would remain in Heaven “until the times of the restitution of all things.” This prophecy began to be fulfilled in the Spring of 1820 when Jesus came with His Father to young Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. Since then, faithful Saints have watched and waited for Christ’s triumphant return to the earth.

Ask: What is our role in preparing the earth for the coming of the Savior? How can we help in this great effort? [Some answers might include physical preparations such as food storage or building up savings. Other might include gathering scattered Israel through doing family history, temple work for the dead, or missionary work.]

Video: Elder Neil L. Andersen speaks of how missionary service helps prepare the world for the Second Coming.

Read and Teach: D&C 133:10-11. Take special note of the wording. First it says, “Awake and arise and go forth to meet the Bridegroom.” Next, it says, “The Bridegroom cometh.” After that, it says, “Prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord. Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour.”

Whether we go forth to meet the Bridegroom at the end of our mortal lives, or He comes to us at His Second Coming, we each much be prepared to meet our Savior. Whichever comes first, we don’t know the day or the hour of either, but we can be ready to meet Him as we make and keep sacred covenants.

Quote: “The greatest gift you could give to the Lord is to keep yourself unspotted from the world, worthy to attend His holy house. His gift to you will be the peace and security of knowing that you are worthy to meet Him, whenever that time comes.”—Russell M. Nelson

Optional Quote: Use the quote from the For Children lesson from Russell M. Nelson regarding there being no need to fear if our foundations are solidly built on Jesus Christ.

Testify and Close: I know that if we are prepared to see the Savior again, either on Earth or in Heaven, we will have peace during the turbulence of the last days.


Read: D&C 133:10-11

Ponder: Whether you are alive on the earth for the Second Coming or not is immaterial. All people will meet the Savior again. Are you prepared to meet Him? Either on Earth or in Heaven? What can you do to prepare for that day, of which we can neither know the day nor the hour?

Watch: Elder Christoffel Golden spoke of Preparing for the Second Coming at this last October General Conference. His words give peace and hope to all who will lean on the Savior for their strength. Make special note from 3:58 to the end.

Quote: Our intentions to prepare to meet the Savior shouldn’t paralyze or overwhelm us. All it takes is a little, consistent effort at a time. Elder Michael A. Dunn of the Seventy recently taught, “Instead of trying to perfect everything, what if we tackled just one thing? . . . To this end, Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught, “Each assertion of a righteous desire, each act of service, and each act of worship, however small and incremental, adds to our spiritual momentum.” Truly, it is by small, simple, and, yes, even just 1 percent things that great things can be brought to pass. Ultimate victory is 100 percent certain, “after all we can do,” through the might, merits, and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

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“For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night” [at an unknown time]. (1 Thessalonians 5:2)

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Doctrine and Covenants FHE Lesson – Behold and Lo, the Bridegroom Cometh

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