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FHE Lesson on Temples – Baptisms for the Dead

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This FHE lesson on temples explains baptisms for the dead, what this ordinance teaches about God’s love, and how we can become involved in this great work. 



Doctrine & Covenants 138:33-34

These were taught faith in God, repentance from sin, vicarious baptism for the remission of sins, the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, And all other principles of the gospel that were necessary for them to know in order to qualify themselves that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.



Truth from Elijah | Children’s Songbook, pg. #153

The hearts of the children have turned to their fathers,
Have turned, have turned, have turned,
Because of the truth they have learned from Elijah,
Have learned, have learned, have learned.
And we as the children can seek out our loved ones,
Preserving their names and their memory.
We can strive to be worthy to kneel in the temple
And bind them to us for eternity.
The hearts of the children have turned to their fathers,
Have turned, have turned, have turned.




Begin by asking children about their own baptism, if old enough. For younger children, hold up a photo of a baptismal font and ask them what they know about baptism. Ask them why they think baptism is important.

Read aloud: Baptism is an important part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we are baptized, we make promises to Heavenly Father and He makes promises to us. We become members of The Church of Jesus Christ and our sins are washed away. Baptism is a great blessing and choice for all of God’s children. It is absolutely necessary in Heavenly Father’s plan to be baptized.

However, some people have never had the chance to be baptized. Heavenly Father loves everyone. Because of this amazing love, Heavenly Father has provided a way for those who weren’t baptized while they were alive to be offered that gift in the spirit world.

That is why we perform baptisms in temples on behalf of our deceased ancestors.

If your children are old enough, watch the following video and ask them to pay special attention to what a proxy is. For younger children, summarize the idea of a substitute teacher being a proxy. 

Ask: What is a proxy? How do we act as a proxy in the temple?

Read aloud: We can prepare to go to the temple for our ancestors by doing our family history work, keeping the commandments, and learning more about the temple.

Finish the lesson by sharing any experiences as a family doing baptisms for the dead. Especially allow children who’ve been to the temple to share. Bear your testimony.


Begin the lesson by watching the following video. Ask everyone to think about why baptisms for the dead are important to them in their own lives.

Ask: How do you feel about the principle of baptisms for the dead? Why?

Read aloud: Jesus Christ teaches that baptism is essential for entering the Kingdom of God. When we are baptized, we make covenants to remember Christ and keep the commandments. Baptism is the gate on the path of discipleship. By offering this ordinance to our deceased ancestors in temples, they have the opportunity to choose for themselves. Baptisms for the dead are evidence of God’s infinite love for all of His children.

Ask: What experiences have you had with performing baptisms for the dead?

Share a personal experience about searching out ancestors and/or performing their baptism in the temple.

Read aloud: When someone is baptized for the dead, it does not mean they are being forced into the church or into a belief in Christ. By performing proxy baptisms, we extend an offering to them to accept or reject the baptism. We believe those in the spirit world have an opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and prepare themselves to accept the baptisms we do, should they choose.

Ask: What do baptisms for the dead teach us about agency?

Finish the lesson by bearing your testimony and answering any questions the group may have about baptisms for the dead.


Watch the following video. Write down your feelings about proxy baptisms. Spend one hour searching for a name you can take to the temple.

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FHE Game / ActivityActivity

Family History

Spend some time doing your family history together. For younger children, show them photos and tell stories of ancestors. You can also watch old family videos of them as children. If time permits, try to find names you can take to the temple.





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